New Report- Preferred Wastewater Systems for the Hill Country

The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Save Barton Creek Association, and Wimberley Valley Watershed Association recently released a new report on preferred wastewater systems for the Texas Hill Country!

“Water is a precious and limited resource,” Nick Dornak, Director of Watershed Services at The Meadows Center said. “This report helps us begin to understand how we can protect Hill Country waterways, while also continuing to meet the water challenges of our region.”

The report by Susan Parten, PE, provides guidance on a variety of cost-effective wastewater solutions for the Texas Hill Country. “Preferred Wastewater Systems for the Texas Hill Country and Over the Edwards Aquifer: Economic and Environmental Considerations” presents key considerations for choosing individual on-site, clustered and non-discharging centralized wastewater systems. The report describes evolving best practices to convert what is presently an ecological threat into an asset environmentally and economically.

The report is a tool to help engineers, developers and decision-makers choose the appropriate scale of system. It also provides preferred system attributes and case studies for each of the systems.

“We hope it will expand the conversation around wastewater management and encourage new and collaborative approaches that are best for our communities and environment,” Angela Richter, Executive Director of the Save Barton Creek Association said.

To read the full report, click here.