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Dumping treated sewage into Hill Country streams poses serious risks to our wells, aquifers, and springs — threatening human health, property values, wildlife, and our economic future. Alternatives such as land application, beneficial reuse, and newer decentralized technologies can allow growth to continue without threatening our water supply.

Several Hill Country communities are already using alternatives to direct discharge, including Lakeway and Marble Falls. Yet many developments and communities want to dump their treated sewage directly into our creeks and rivers. Water from these streams seeps into the Edwards Aquifer, recharging local wells and springs. Scientists confirm that this sewage contamination threatens the Edwards Aquifer, the water supply for millions of Texans.

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We support a ban on dumping treated sewage into creeks and rivers above the Edwards Aquifer in favor of safer alternatives.

We also call on public officials and candidates to stand with us against the direct discharge of treated sewage into Hill Country streams.

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